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API definitions and Test cases are gone whenever I'm pulling composite project from Git


API definitions and Test cases are gone whenever I'm pulling composite project from Git

  I recently purchased readyAPI, I'm trying to integrate test-cases with GIT. It is not working as I expected. I don't know what I'm missing.
Let me explain the steps:
1) I create a New Project , In the dialog box, I have selected the "Swagger/OpenAPI definition" option. and I specified the YAML file for swagger.
2) Project gets created along with API definitions, 
3) Now I created the test suite , it created successfully with default body json.
4) After, I enabled the git integration and I pushed my project to GIT.
5) after pushing, I just tried to pull the project from GIT.  After successful PULL, I've noticed all my api definition and Testcases under the test suite are gone.
I'm getting below warning
Thu Sep 05 13:40:42 EDT 2019: WARN: The file has not been loaded, because it is not specified in the project: C:\Users\akrishnan\git\et-3.5.1-automation\New folder\Payment-Processing-APIs-include-send%2C-receive%2C-details%2C-reclaims-and-remitance-informations\%2Fpayments%2F%7Bid%7D%2Fcancel.xml
Any help would be appreciated.
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Thanks for reaching out, @arunbharath.


Community, let's help arunbharath with the above request! Any comments?

Olga Terentieva
SmartBear Assistant Community Manager


Hi @arunbharath,


I cannot reproduce the issue by following your steps (please watch the attached video).


If you still can repro it on your side, please open a support case and provide detailed steps so that our technical team could investigate.  


Customer Care Team

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