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ReadyAPI - copying test case names to share with others

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ReadyAPI - copying test case names to share with others

I use ReadyAPI 3.0 and can't upgrade for some time. But, in the next versions of ReadyAPI I'd like a feature which allows us to copy the name of a test. This is useful when we want to share it with our teammates. Ex. Do you know why test xyz is suddenly failing? Currently, the workaround is to open the test for renaming and then copy the name.

This is how I'd like the feature to work:
When I right click a test case and open its menu,
Then I should get two options to copy the test name:
(1) The test name.
(2) The fully qualified test name. (ex. ProjectName.SuiteName.TestName)

Text editors like Notepad++, IDEs like Intellij IDEA have had this feature for years. It would be nice to see them in ReadyAPI also.

Community Manager

Hi, Thanks for your request, @rajs2020.

I've moved this topic to the ReadyAPI Feature Request forum.


@TanyaGorbunova - thanks.

Welcome to the ReadyAPI Feature Requests board!

Here you can review submitted feature requests and vote up the ones you like! If you can't find the feature you want - go ahead and suggest your own idea. Ideas with the highest rating can be implemented in the product.

Check out the Create a Feature Request guide for more information.
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