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Delete multiple selected request headers at once [BUG?]

Delete multiple selected request headers at once [BUG?]

Current behaviour:

1) In the additional request headers tab of a SOAP/REST test step I select multiple headers (the selected headers visually are selected by having the color blue = OK). 

2) I click on the delete bin button.

3) Only the first header is deleted.

Expected behaviour:

ALL of the selected headers should be deleted. If a use wants to delete 10 headers he now has to manually select them and delete them one-by-one. This is frustrating.


Note: this issue has been around for ages. 

Additionally: We (luckily) can select and copy the headers properly by doing a select and then Ctrl+C. The feature of copy-pasting request headers might not be really visible in the UI (e.g. there is no "copy" button), but I am very grateful this is possible through Ctrl+C. Might be wise to visually allow this to?

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Oh common... 😡 in latest version ReadyAPI 3.30.0 it seems I can no longer copy-paste the request headers from the Headers tab by doing Ctrl+C + Ctrl+V !

Something changed in your UI that each Ctrl+C click when selecting a header in the Headers tab now enables the field for editing instead of copying...

Only possibility is to go at the raw request tab and copy-paste the actual values that were sent, but that's NOT what I want, since my headers are dynamic (properties) values, not actual string values. 

I naively thought that perhaps this change was done to implement the above suggestion, but no, that also doesn't work, so we go backwards in the ReadyAPI user-friendliness. 

Hope there is anyone from SmartBear that reads this, as this is not a good evolution...


UPDATE: Sorry, today the copy paste does seem to work again. So probably just some keyboard settings at my end... 

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