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Capability to add column headings to Excel DataSink

Capability to add column headings to Excel DataSink

Presently with an excel DataSink it's not possible to define column headers to the Excel file you're creating.


This can present challenges, as it did for me, this combined with the fact that you can't append to an existing Excel file meant all had to be done via CSV file go create the content you wanted, then read the CSV file back in and then DataSink back out to Excel.


It ended up being quite a long winded workaround to overcome product limitations.


It'd be fantastic to have that ability,


Thanks in advance.


Super Contributor

its already exists for datasource I would have expect this to be trivial for datasink

I would contact support and have them send the feature request to the devs



Thanks Sanj, that's why I logged it under feature requests   😉

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