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When I mark a step as Passed, blue square revolves but doesn't stop revolving - stuck

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When I mark a step as Passed, blue square revolves but doesn't stop revolving - stuck

When I mark a step as Passed, the blue square revolves, showing QAComplete is processing, and should rapidly move to the next test step, but the blue square doesn't stop revolving - result is QA is stuck, and I have to Save and End to escape. Happening every time on each test step.

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Clear your browser's cache/cookies, restart your systems, and try logging in to the account again. If you still experience the issue, please open a new support case here: and provide additional details: 

- (SaaS) What date & time (specify your time-zone) did you experience the issue?

- What browser (name, version) are you using? Does it happen with another browser?

- Do other users in your company experience the same issue? 

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Hello Glyn,

Thank you for your post. I have a couple of questions regarding the never ending loading panel issue you are experiencing.

1) Are you on QAComplete Version 11.4.578?

2) Does your QAComplete log in URL use 'http' or 'https'?
- Please provide me with the full URL

3) Provide me with a screenshot of the following two registry settings:
- NotifyChangesURL
- NotifySocketURL
They are located at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Pragmatic Software\Server Information

4) What is the version of your Web Server?
4a) If your Web Server is 2012, please check if the 'WebSocket' support is enabled or disabled:
- Go to Server Manager -> Dashboard -> Add Roles And Features
- In opened screen proceed to Server Roles section
- In Roles tree make sure that: Web Server (IIS)/Web Server/Application Development/WebSocket Protocol
If enabled or disabled, please provide a screenshot

5) Is the UseFleck qacNotification set to "true" or "false":
- On your QAComplete server, please navigate to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\qacNotification and open up the "Web" file with Notepad
- Look for the "UseFleck" value and let us know if it is set to "true" or "false"
- Please provide us with a screenshot

6) The never loading panel issue you are referring to, is that a blue square icon (Run a Test, Pass or Fail a Test Step, a blue square icon spins forever)?

You can email me the answers for my questions 1 through 6 as well as the screenshots. My email address is:

Best Regards,

Thanks to all for the help.


The issue was caused by accessing QA from outside the QA server's domain. This has always been the case, so the question of why this issue suddenly started remains a mystery. However, thanks to Christiane's support the issue has been resolved.

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