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TestExecute 12 not supported by QAC 11.0?


TestExecute 12 not supported by QAC 11.0?

Hi everybody,


yesterday i installed TE and TC 12 to see how well the tests run with the new update. Unfortunately QAC didn't recognise/find TE 12 on the Test Host, although there were no such issues with the 11.31 version. I tried to reconfigure the Test Agent and even reinstalled it, but didn't help at all.


Does QAC simply not support TE/TC 12? As the Topic mentions we use QAC 11.0 the On-premise version.


Btw we are back to TC/TE 11.31, so we can run our daily night runs.

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Ours is working. We made sure to update our test agents. Our only issue right now is that FireFox 48 isnt working. 



edit - sorry. I originally misread this. Yeah you need 11.1 to work with tc12 like others have said. Works fine though after that

Do use QAC 11.0 On-premise or the SaaS-Version?


Tried to install TE12 on another physical machine. The result is the same Test Host is recognised but not with TC/TE (see attached file)



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Hi Kostja,


You need QAComplete 11.1 to run tests using TestComplete/TestExecute 12.

Helen Kosova
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Is there any possibility to get an update for QAC 11.0 or is the On-premise edition not intended for getting updates?

Hello Kostja,


Yes, if you have an active maintenance subscription, you can upgrade your QAC On-Premises instance to v.11.1. Please contact Customer Care to get upgrade instruction.

Customer Care Team

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Big thanks, for your help and the information.


I'll get in contact with the support.

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