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Test Set blocked, how can I continue the Test set?

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Test Set blocked, how can I continue the Test set?

My colleague has now ran a Test Set with 4 Test Cases, all 3 of the test cases were passed and the last one had 4 test steps.

2 of them were passed. One of them were failed and the last one was blocked, this was done due to trigger the auto-defect function.

But when my colleague wants to continue the test set after the defect is fixed, it can't be done as QAComplete tells that the test is finished. The problem is my colleague has to retake all the testcases again, or is there a smart way to reopen the test set?

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Unfortunately, it is not possible to rerun finished tests. After you mark all test steps as passed or failed and click the Next Test button, the test execution results are saved to the Run History and cannot be changed. The only thing you can do to change the test steps results (passed/failed) is to run the entire test set once again and mark the corresponding test steps results in the correct way. 

We have a suggestion in our DB to add the possibility of rerunning selected tests within a test set. Your request has increased it's rating, thank you very much.

Alexandra Ilyukhina

Customer Care Engineer
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