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QAComplete does not distinguish Test Hosts between different projects

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QAComplete does not distinguish Test Hosts between different projects

When I disable a test host in Project A, the same host gets disabled in Project B. This makes the selection of the test host very confusing when I work in multiple projects. It would be great if I could only see test hosts related to the project I am working in.


Also, how can I change the name of  test host. Many of my remote machines have the same name, but on different domains. This would also help to distinguish between the test hosts

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Hi Ruhann,


Currently, Test Hosts aren't related to Projects, so you cannot disable a Test Host only for a specific Project. I can recommend that you create a custom field for Projects: and then create a filter for this field:


The name of a Test Host cannot be changed, it is a computer name. But, you can create a custom field for a domain, too.


Adding a domain to the Test Host name and allowing project specific Test Hosts options look like good improvement ideas. You can post your ideas to the QAComplete Feature Requests topic:


Customer Care Team

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