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QAComplete - SOAP UI encoding problem

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QAComplete - SOAP UI encoding problem


I'm facing some problem when using the SOAP API. It seems that when somebody is copying text from a word or a outlook email in the description field, note field or any textarea it is generating some specials characters that is breaking the Bugs_LoadByCriteria soap call.

The error is also happening in java. This is the error we face when running the request in java.

[main] ERROR processor.Main2:163 - Exception : Failed to read a response: javax.xml.bind.UnmarshalException
- with linked exception:
[ ParseError at [row,col]:[140,57907]
Message: Character reference "&#]
at Source)
at Source)
at Source)
at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy21.bugsLoadByCriteria(Unknown Source)

I read the QAComplete SOAP API and it seems that there is no way to select only certain fields in a Bugs_LoadByCriteria.

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Hi Simon,


There was a known issue in old versions of QAC when the pasted text contains extra formatting data. It was fixed in QAC 11.1. So, I can recommend that you upgrade to the latest version which is 11.2 now. 


As a workaround you can paste text without formatting with the Paste Text option: or disable the "Rich Text Editor" option for bugs:


Regarding the second question, when you use the Bugs_LoadByCriteria method you cannot select only certain fields to receive.


Customer Care Team

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