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QAComplete 11.1 Performance Issues and Patches


QAComplete 11.1 Performance Issues and Patches

I wanted to thank everyone for their patience as we resolve the performance issues caused by our latest update. 


I apologize for this misstep on our path to enhance QAComplete.


Our enhancements to the Test Runner had unintended effects that did not reveal themselves during our performance testing, only upon publication to our SaaS servers. We understand how important QAComplete is to your business and apologize for causing any unnecessary stress or effort. We will be modifying both our performance testing and our release process to ensure this does not reoccur.


We released a patch that resolved the majority of the performance issues last week, and will be following that with another this week, delivered as soon as it passes QA. After that release, our performance will be at, or better than, our previous level.


We are heavily investing in QAComplete development and the entire team is excited to bring you both long-requested enhancements and new functionality. In particular, as the new Product Owner for the product I am excited for the chance to provide even more value to you and your organizations. I will be leaning heavily on our customer base to help inform future releases, and to provide more feedback on features under development to ensure we are executing in the most useful manner to users.



Best Regards,
Jeffrey Martin

QAComplete Product Owner

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