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QAComplete 101 - Top Q and A recap!


QAComplete 101 - Top Q and A recap!

Hello QAComplete Community!!


This week we hosted Q2 101 class led by Technical Engineer Param Chopra.  We appreciate all the questions you our customers had which made the class super interactive!


Attached are the top Q and A from the class for you all to review, share, and learn from.  Any other question that you have let us know.  We will have the replay video emailed out to all who registered by Monday at the latest and we will also post to the Community.



 Thank you!

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Regarding Question #11:  "Do we have a way to create shared steps?  . . . "

I do not consider the answer provided an adequate solution.  Instead, please visit this "Idea" and hopefully by giving it lots of kudos it will be added to the product soon!


Call shared steps within a test and at execution, include the detail of the shared steps.


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