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QAC - JIRA Integrator questions


QAC - JIRA Integrator questions

Hi We been using QAC JIRA integration for synch of STORY To Requirements and Bugs . ( ONLY from JIRA TO QAC) Can someone clarify following for me ? 1. Integrator won't synch failure items even though problems have been resolved For Example, When i ran synch for Requirements first time it failed 20 out of 100 items due to missing status or something . Now I go and fix that issue , either at Integrator level , or in QA Complete . Now if i Rerun the Integrator, it should sync those failed 20 items but it Didn't. Is this because we are using One way synch from JIRA to QAC ? 2. Is there anyway to Delete Synch Log items. I know i can limit it to Last Run using flag but it would be much easier if i can cleanup Log periodically .


Hello Manish,


When performing the second and subsequent synchronizations, Connector compares the last synchronization date and the last edit date of each item which should be synchronized. If the last edit was performed before the last synchronization, this item is considered "unchanged" since the last synchronization and isn't synchronized.


So, if some items failed to sync during the first synchronization for some reason (e.g. some required fields were mapped incorrectly, so items couldn't be created), all the subsequent synchronizations will ignore them. We'll consider improving this behavior. In the meantime, please use the following workaround:


1) Stop the JIRAConnector Service

2) Export your JIRAConnector Profile

3) Open it with any text editor

4) Find a following XML node (your date will be different, of course):

<Setting code="DateOfLastBeginSync" value="3/24/2015 8:10:49 PM" />

5) Remove its value string, leaving it blank, like this:

<Setting code="DateOfLastBeginSync" value="" />

6) Save the file

7) Import it back into the JIRAConnector and click on YES to approve the replacement of the file

😎 Re-key the passwords on the "ALM/QAComplete" and the "JIRA" tab and click on "Apply"

9) Check that the connection is set up properly by clicking " Test Connection" on both Connection tabs (ALM/QAComplete & JIRA tab) AND make sure that the "Field Mapping" and "User Mapping" tabs open correctly

10) Click "Synchronize Now"


Thank you,


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