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How do you restore a deleted Folder and the Test Cases that were in it?

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How do you restore a deleted Folder and the Test Cases that were in it?

I deleted a folder that contained 170 test cases. Now my user wants them back. How do I restore the folder and test cases?
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     One of my users has done something similar and accidentally deleted 2 folders. Did you ever get an answer to this question or do we need to get SmartBear to carry out the restore?





If you 'removed' the files in TestComplete and the files are still on disk, then you can Add them back as an Existing Item.  If you 'deleted' the files (and they are gone from disk), then you retrieve them from the backups that you have been faithfully maintaining and Add them back.


Note that 'Folders' in the Project Explorer view are logical constructs.  You won't find a folder on disk.  When you add back the missing tests, you'll have to recreate the folders in your TestComplete project.

Hello Steve and Bill,


If you delete a folder in QAComplete, the data in the folder is NOT deleted . The folder name is simply removed from the records, and you will find your records in the “root” section with no folder name. You will need to create/add the Folder again and after that you can use Fast Edit to move the records from one folder to another.


Thank you,

(Oops.  This is QAComplete, not TestComplete.  Gotta check which group I'm in...)

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Thanks Christiane, we've found the "homeless" test scripts and are currently moving them back into the new versions of the folders.

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