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Can we get a list of fixes / changes expected for the SAAS version of QAC this Sunday?


Can we get a list of fixes / changes expected for the SAAS version of QAC this Sunday?

We'd like to know what to expect instead of being surprised on Monday morning 10/10/16

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Hi Laura,


You can find the list of new features in QAComplete here: What's New.

And, here is the list of fixes by release: Fixes by Release.


Customer Care Team

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The first link goes to a blank page. The second link gets an error message. 

Hi Laura,


Thank you for your reply. Here are the direct links.


What's New:

Fixes by Release:


It should work if you copy the links and paste them it into your browser. This information is also located in the QAComplete Documentation located at: under 'General Information > What's New and General Information > What's New > Fixes by Release'.


Thank you and Best Regards,


Don't try to click on the links and don't try to copy the link location and paste it in your address bar . . . it won't work.  A Google Analytics tag is being tacked on to the URL.  Instead, as Christiane suggests, copy and paste the text of the URL into your address bar.

Can you help with another link that gets an error? It's in the Administrator's Guide under Single Sign On - Logging in QAComplete With Single Sign-On.  

Hi Laura,


Thank you for your reply. I went to the guide and copied the link out for you Single Sign-On:


Please let me know if it works for you. I had to refresh my browser yesterday to see the new information (F5 or Ctrl + F5).



The Single Sign On page works (which is your link), but the link within that page in step #4 gets the error –

To learn how to log in to QAComplete with Single Sign-On, see Logging in QAComplete With Single Sign-On.


We are going to work on getting SSO set up so I am reviewing all of the information.

Hi Laura,


Thank you for your reply and information. Step # 4 does not work for me either. I have contacted our documentation team and I will update this post the moment it is fixed.


Thank you,

Good Morning Laura,


Our documentation team has fixed step # 4. Please let me know after you refresh the browser if it is working for you as well. Also here is the link:


Best Regards,



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