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Unable to recognize a button in LoadNinja

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Unable to recognize a button in LoadNinja


Currently, I am facing object recognition issue with “Next” button on a web page where I am recording. I've been able to record a script. I have tried various Object Identification options but still cannot successfully play back my script to completion.

Next button has same CSS Selector and same id values across different pages. Only unique identification is ownerDocument.firstElementChild.innerText


Please assist us,





If the Next button has the same CSS selector and ID values across different pages, and the unique identification is `ownerDocument.firstElementChild.innerText`, you can try using this property to identify the Next button during playback.

Try to use CSS selector:





yes this is the only unique property that I found. where can I place it? Please let me know custom expression that LoadNinja can take it.



To compose a suitable CSS expression, consider one of the following ways:

  • Use the built-in tools of your browser to retrieve the expression while working with the website. For example, in Chrome, select Inspect in the context menu for the needed element. In the inspector, locate the needed element, then right-click it, and select Copy > Copy XPath or Copy > Copy selector.

  • Compose a custom expression that points directly at the needed object by yourself, using the CSS selector syntax.


@mtsapa If you were able to configure this selector, please let me know.

No @TimeCop1983  I tried with the same steps but still script is unable to recognize

Hi @mtsapa 

If you're looking for a way to locate the "Next" button using XPath, you can try using the following XPath expression:

//*[text() = "Next"]


Please try it and let me know if it worked for you.

Hi @TimeCop1983  I tried this as well and it did not work. Is it possible to join meeting to solve this? I can send you meeting link with your feasible timings.



Please let me know,


appreciate your help on this.



I apologize for the inconvenience you're experiencing. While I would love to assist you further through a meeting, I'm afraid I can't.

However, I can still help resolve your issue. To provide you with the best possible assistance, I will ask our dedicated Customer Care team to contact you directly. They will coordinate with you and work towards resolving your problem.

Thank you for your understanding, and I apologize again for any inconvenience caused.

Hi Mary,


I am Marcin from the LoadNinja support team. Please create a support case in our system using the following web form:


In the description, please include sample project and scrip names demonstrating the problem. I will have a closer look into it.


Best regards,

Marcin Nawrocki
Customer Care Engineer - LoadNinja | SwaggerHub | Pactflow
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