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Error 401 Unauthorized

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Error 401 Unauthorized

Hi - I am attempting to capture a script with LoadNinja against our internal Intranet site, and I am getting an Error 401--Unauthorized. I have our Tunnel connected, and it works fine if I just run the URL in Chrome. Any thoughts on how I should go about forcing the login 

SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

Let me explain what LoadNinja Supports.

If you can log in to your application with Google Chrome and you don't need any other extension for that, and you are not logged in a Windows Domain, then LoadNinja supports your application. You can check if your app is logged in to a Windows Domain by playing a script in LoadNinja.

I assume, in this case, when you are playing this script in the recorder, you are coming across multiple authorization errors with code 401. Therefore, it looks like the app does the authentication using a Windows Domain. This is something LoadNinja does not support, and I am sorry for this inconvenience.

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