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8 years ago

ReadyAPI throws 401 unauthorized error when accessing kerberos authenticated wsdl.

I have Kerberos authenticated webservice deployed in application server. By following steps in below url I am able to setup Spaui 5.30 version for kerberos testing. However in the same system ReadyAPI is throwing unaauthorized error. I have done all the corresponding steps for ReadyAPI also.

In the same client machine it is working in Java client also. Only ReadyAPI not working.

Please help me to solve this issue.






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    Hi Arulkumar,


    Thank you for your post. Please compare Raw requests from SoapUI 5.3.0 and Ready! API. Maybe the "Authorization" header in the Ready! API request is missing.


    To get a Raw request in Ready! API, please choose the Raw tab in the left request. See an example:

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      Hi Anastasia,


      Thanks for the response. As you told there is no authorization header in the Raw request of ReadyAPI. However even after selecting Raw tab in the request I am getting same error. Please see attached screen shots of ReadyAPI and SoapUI and let me know your thoughts.


      Thanks & Regards,