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Data is not created in the application after load test run?


Data is not created in the application after load test run?


I am new to loadcomplete. The application is running on Salesforce and is web base. I use the keyword test recording the following steps in TestComplete 12.50, then create the load test from TestComplete. It is a simple test:

1. Login

2. Add new business, enter the field in the form and save.

3. Logout

I run the load test and it show result Sucess in green.

I login to my Salesforce application, i don't see the new business created. Anyone can help?

I run just 1 virtual user to test out. 



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Re: Data is not created in the application after load test run?

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Re: Data is not created in the application after load test run?

Hi Ling,


My first guess is that test in TestComplete works fine and adds new businesss as expected.

If the above is correct, then you should carefully examine the test in LoadComplete. First of all you must identify request(s) that perform login operation and ensure that your virtual user was indeed gratned access to the application. You are writing that the whole test in LoadComplete is marked as passed (green). This makes me think that either login sequence works correctly and as expected or no error is raized in the tested application in case of invalid login and the application just navigates to some default page. You should check this first. To do this, go through the test log and check that simulated request(s) match recorded one(s) (consider applied data correlation) and that returned responses also logically match those that were recorded.


After you make login sequence work in LoadComplete test, you must follow the same procedure for the new business creation sequence: identify request(s) that is/are responsible for this operation and verify that correct data (including cookies and/or other identifiers both in the request headers and bodies) are used.


In order to get more detailed reply, consider to post here your LoadComplete test project. If for some reason you are not allowed to do this, you may contact me via the private messaging and I will try to take a look at your project and let you know my findings and considerations.


  /Alex [Community Hero]
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