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[WFH] Online Entertainment - What to Do When Working From Home?

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[WFH] Online Entertainment - What to Do When Working From Home?

Now, many online services provide online access (and even for free!) to their resources. How do you entertain yourself when working from home (WFH) these days? Share your favorite resources with the Community! 


Sitting at home can be rather exciting! You don’t believe us? Let us prove it to you 😉 We have prepared a list of entertainment services available online to lift your spirits! We have something for everyone. 


Theaters and Operas 

The world’s best theaters are opening their online doors!  

It’s a great chance to see world-famous performances sitting at home! 


Online Cinemas 

And, not only theaters and operas are making generous offers for the WFH team!  

  • Netflix is no doubt the king of movie streaming. It has an extensive library of movies and series and a free 30-day subscription. A great way to spend your free time at home with a steaming cup of coffee or tea! 
  • If you are into art-house and enjoy more intricate movies, you can try Criterion. A huge collection of movies for movie-lovers. They only have a 14-day trial, but the movie library is really impressive. Who knows, you might become a real cinema expert when the quarantine is over! 
  • The following online services are extending their free offering to 30 days: Acorn (code: FREE30), Sundance Now (code: SUNDANCENOW30), and the place all horror lovers know -  Shudder (code: SHUTIN). 


If you are into gaming, you might enjoy these quarantine deals: 

  • A huge discount on the Good Old Games portal that will last till March 30. 
  • In case you forgot, Epic Store keeps giving away two games per week! Till March 26 Watch Dogs and The Stanley Parable (a reminder of the office life!) are free of charge. 


Let’s boost our immune system while working from home! Here’s a great non-profit platform with exercise videos for you - YMCA 360. 

Also, our local fitness and yoga centers are doing a great job by quickly transforming into online classes! Is this also the case where you are from?  


No time to be bored! We hope that everyone finds something their like on this list.  

Do you have any specific local online resources you enjoy? We have community members all around the world. Share here what you do in you spare timeSmiley Happy  

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@sonya_m  : RELAX!!!!!!! It's a whole day relax!!


Seriously telling you it's so boaring.


Working from Home once or twice will work but this long i seriously don't like it, it's so so boaring, but can't do anything apart from staying at home.

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Himanshu Tayal

What to do when working from home?

errr ... working at home no ?


Unless that, reading, gaming (Warzone and Overwatch and Camelot Unchained), working on my photos, spending time on online communities like here, cooking for the familly, playing with my dog, houseworks, gardenworks,  ...


Here it's already 12 days of lock out ... the lack of IRL social life becomes very frustrating .......



Un sourire et ça repart

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@nmrao we should have added the SmartBear Community to the list under 'Exercise for your brains'Smiley Happy Solving some issues here is a lot like trying to solve a puzzleSmiley Happy


@HimanshuTayal Smiley Very Happy I hope you will use something from our list! I will definetely subscribe to some websites with movies.


@BenoitB looks like you have a lot of things to do around the house! I agree - nothing beats real life social interactions. But, at least, more online services are appearing or re-focusing on the online audience to support us.

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

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