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Diff viewer screen doesn't default "Before" pane to earliest revision?

When looking at a review with the materials section configured as "Overlay"


Clicking on a file takes you to the diff viewer, but rather than have the "Before" pane be the original version and the "After" pane be the most recent.  The "Before" pane is the revision prior to the most recent...


Example, added revision 2,3,4 to a review...

I'd expect the diff viewer to show the code as changed from revision 1 to 4 by default...but it doesn't.  It shows changes from 3 to 4.


So unless the reviewer checks and changes the "Before", he could be missing much of the changes...


Is this a bug?  Or working as designed?  If the latter, is there any way to configure how it works?


Thank you,


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Re: Diff viewer screen doesn't default "Before" pane to earliest revision?

Hi Charles,

You can configure what revisions DiffViewer will compare in before and after panes via the Diff Viewer Default Version Comparison setting in user preferences.

Most likely, your current setting is "Two most current versions" that is why it shows changes from 3 to 4. To see changes from 1 to 4 you'll need to select the "All changes" value for the setting

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