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Backup and Restore instructions for Embedded Database

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Backup and Restore instructions for Embedded Database

The latest installation instructions appear to recommend just using the embedded (HSQLDB) database unless the user has "specific needs" (  (I don't think I have any specific needs for something else)


I'm upgrading from a 9.5 CodeReviewer installation.  The upgrade instructions suggest that the user should back-up their database, and the details of doing so are database dependent "See documentation of your database for details". (


However, I can't find any instructions anywhere for how one should backup / restore from the embedded database.  I've read that it runs daily/nightly backups.  But I haven't seen anywhere how I would restore that database once I had upgraded. 


Any pointers on backing up and restoring the embedded database would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Backup and Restore instructions for Embedded Database

Maybe a bit too late, but anyways.


You can backup the Embedded Database as instructed in the documentation that you pointed out, (


There are basically two ways to backup the database:

1. Create a complete backup including file contents, you can do this from the WebUI/Browser. This will create a .zip file that you can use to restore the database.


2. Create a backup without file contents but in this case you will need to move/copy the installation-directory/tomcat/collaborator-content-cache folder to the new destination/directory.


For any of these methods, you will need to modify the ROOT.xml file and add the absolute path of the backup file.


Find the parameter called database-migration-data-path, or create one if it does not already exist. It should look something like this:

<Parameter name="database-migration-data-path" value="c:\temp\" override="false" />


I hope that helps.



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Re: Backup and Restore instructions for Embedded Database

Hello -


I am trying to duplicate our Collaborator Community installation (v 10.1.10100) on a new server so that I can practice upgrading to the shiny new Collaborator Team server we just purchased. I can install the server, but I cannot get Collaborator to pick up the old database entries.


My thought is that I messed up the first time I installed the server and it created an empty database -- now it won't overwrite the existing database no matter what I do. How do I reset / remove / uninstall the ccollab-server instance so I can take another run at it?


Or is there something else I'm missing?




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Re: Backup and Restore instructions for Embedded Database

OK, so that was easier than I thought -- I got the server uninstalled and removed, but I don't see how it's possible to follow the instructions as you have them.


I followed teh migration steps to create a dump of the database and settings. When I install the Community version, it creates the database and starts up automatically. That effectively blocks me from initializing the database with the dump, as I need to edit the file prior to the service startup.


I'll try it again and see what happens, but the instructions are very confusing in regards to the embedded database.




Re: Backup and Restore instructions for Embedded Database



Try the following:

1. Finish the installation and stop the Collaborator server.

2. Go to <collab dir>/tomcat/ and delete these files if they exist:


3. From here you can follow the instructions in the documentation. Basically edit the ROOT.xml file to specify the location of the dump.

If you are on Windows, open the services program and stop the ccollab-server service.

For linux/unix use these commands to start and stop the service <collab dir>/ccollab-server:

./ccollab-server start
./ccollab-server stop


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Re: Backup and Restore instructions for Embedded Database

That did it! I also needed to restore the content files once it was complete, but now I can ensure the upgrade won't do damage to our current isntallation. I'll let you know if I run into anything else, but so far it looks good...