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What is ClientBuild?

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What is ClientBuild?

I'm trying to write a JSON script to get information about specific reviews, however the command ReviewService.getReviewsummary requires both the review ID and a 'clientBuild' for the parameters. I'm not sure what the clientBuild is supposed to be though. I thought maybe it was the collaborator server version, but no luck there. How am I supposed to find/know this number?


The Client Build refers to the version of the Collaborator Enterprise Client you have deployed in your environment. Current versions of Collaborator can specify a minimum client build on the server that is allowed to connect to a given server. For versions 12.0.12000 and newer of Collaborator that version is defaulted to 12000 (you only need specify the last 5 or 6 digits of the client to identify the build).



To keep things easier, during my development work, I use the "12000" value for the client build, but you can also specify the current version of the server as well. My installation is currently 14.0.14000 (the latest version of Collaborator), so that client build number that matches my server would be "14000". It should be noted that you cannot use a client version that is GREATER than your current server version.


Here's a sample JSON snippet from my current python script that POSTs for a review summary to my server on my local system:


reviewSummaryResponse ='',
    json=[{'command' : 'SessionService.authenticate',
        'args' : {
            'login' : 'trigger',
            'ticket': loginToken
        {'command' : 'ReviewService.getReviewSummary',
        'args' : {
            'reviewId' : reviewID,
            'clientBuild' : '12000'


I'm using variables in this example for my login ticket and reviewID, but you can see the highlighted clientBulid I used for the request.


Happy coding!


Mel Gage | Solutions Engineer - Collaborator, LoadNinja
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Thanks, this at least clears up my confusion over the clientbuild value and the example is very helpful. Unfortunately it still isn't working for me, I just keep getting a NullPointerException error, but it looks like other people have had a similar issue with this due to some confusion in the documentation, so I'll see if I can figure out the source of the error. Appreciate the help!

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