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Upgrading from 32 bit 6.5 to 64 bit 7.3

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Upgrading from 32 bit 6.5 to 64 bit 7.3

What is the best path for upgrading from 32 bit v6.5 to 64 bit v7.3 without having to install in the "Program Files (x86)" folder. I want to install v7.3 in the default installation folder and migrate my current settings to the new installation.

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Hi John,

Since our 64-bit installer will most likely consider it a fresh install, just run the new 64-bit installer and furnish your current database connection settings, and LDAP if applicable. (as configured in your existing ROOT.xml)

As always, be sure to make a backup of your database (either natively from the DB or using our migration dump file method as we describe in our documentation) and stop the existing server prior to beginning the upgrade. You may also wanto to carry over any .vmoptions server settings you may have had configured in the previous version.

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I stopped the server, uninstalled the 32 bit version 6 and installed the 64 bit current version 7 as a new installation using the old database. I also installed a 64 bit JRE..

Two minor issues:

When filling in the database info in the installer, since there is not a field to enter a "connection URL", I ignored trying to figure it out and left Schema at the default. It turns out that the Schema field would have populated the ROOT.xml correctly with a connection URL. What's up with that?

Using the example LDAP configuration as a template didn't work, but that was easy to fix in the ROOT.xml file.

I edited both in the ROOT.xml and life was good.

This is SO much easier than the upgrade procedure in the manual of dumping and restoring the database.

Now I just have to get past my Perforce trigger authentication issues.

Remember to back everything up before you do anything.

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