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How do I generate a report from the command line?

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How do I generate a report from the command line?

I am trying to automate report generation to get coverage analysis. I figured out the Reports option and the parameters I am looking for to generate the report via the UI, but I want to generate the same report via the command line and export to a csv.

Is this available or do I need to write a custom JSON query? My preference is in Python.

The report I am generating contains: ID, Redmine, Review Title, Max # Rows 500, and date range is set.



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Hello @dmbtjclark


The command that you looking for is:


You can prepare one of the built-in reports in the WebUi and run it there. The URL will be updated with the selected filters and columns. Copy everything after the server address in the address bar of your browser and try to execute the given command. E.g.:

ccollab admin wget "/go?page=ReviewDetailReport&formSubmittedreportConfig=0&reviewId=<review id>"

Oleg Beriashvili
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