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Finding all reviews that have an artifact in them


Finding all reviews that have an artifact in them

Hi.  I'm trying to use the REST API to find all reviews that have a particular artifact in them.  If I use the command-line client to get the review in XML format, I'm looking for the string that is in the <artifacts> section, in <artifact>, then <path>.  But basically, I'd be happy if I could search by the full path of the artifact and get all reviews that have string in the Artifacts (or the "review materials" - "changes from Git").  I'd further like to reduce it to reviews that match a string in the custom field.

I've searched through the documentation but so far have not been able to find anything that lets me do this programmatically.  I know I can do it from the web GUI but I really need to have my program be able to ask Collaborator for the reviews that match this criteria.  Is there any way to do this?  Even if the list is a bit overly broad I can get each review and search it but I'm trying to reduce the number of reviews I ask for as that is a very time-consuming task.





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