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Few Questions

Any way to delete a file once it has been added to a review?

Example : Author accidentally uploaded a file they didn't want to.

How do review submitters prove they have fixed changes?

        One way I found was to re-upload another file to the review with the changes. I assume this is the only way?
Grant McCord, Intel Corporation (
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Re: deleting files from a review

  See the feature request we have for that; the answers from Brandon and gsporar are informative.

Re: proving they've fixed changes

  This depends a bit on your review process (pre- or post-commit?), but in general, yes, the correct way to do this is for the author to add the new versions of the files to the review.  So in a pre-commit situation, they would re-run the addchanges or adddiffs command, and in a post-commit situation, they would add the new changelist.

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