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Clearcase and Adding Versions when files are added or removed


Clearcase and Adding Versions when files are added or removed


I have a set of files that I changed on a branch in Clearcase. I am using the add versions GUI to add the file set for the review using the "find changes on branch". I then select the before and after version selectors that I branched off a label so I specify the label for previous and "local" for after. When Code Collaborator goes to update the files for the review, I get errors when there is no label on an element due to the fact that the element was either added or deleted and it aborts out of the operation.

So I did not know how to get around this problem so in the selected file set, I had to remove all of the files that were added or deleted.

Any thoughts?

Thanks. Jay
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I think adds should be working - what version are you specifying for the adds?  Regardless, adds and deletes should work, and I'll open up a bug against this in our defect tracking system.


Hi Eric,

I ended up after adding the versions that did have the previous "label" (omitting the new files from the file selection list), I then applied another label to my view and then specified "local" for after and the new label for "previous". It then picked up all of the new files without an error and were added to the review package. I think that if the label is not found you would want to take the /main/LATEST version just like you would specify in a config spec but that decision may be based on what the user really wants to do. For my situation is would reflect my config spec below where if MY_LABEL version is not found, it would select the latest version on main.

element * CHECKEDOUT

element * .../my_branch/LATEST

element * MY_LABEL -mkbranch my_branch

element * /main/LATEST -mkbranch my_branch

I imagine if I was not using the stock Clearcase integration there would be a way to do this... But in any case, I did find a work around.

Thanks. JC
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