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Retain Comments When Another User Updates Review

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Retain Comments When Another User Updates Review

When I am writing out a comment on a review in response to another comment, my comment is deleted if another user updates that thread.  This is incredibly annoying if I'm writing out a detailed response as there's no way to recover what I'd typed up to that point.
The draft comment should be retained in some form when the thread is updated.

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It's know issue, that should be fixed since 13.5 version. Which version of Collaborator do you use?

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I'm using 13.11.131100 and I've seen this issue as recently as last week. I was typing a comment, the author uploaded new changes, the modal shoed up asking if I wanted to see the new version of a file, I clicked "no" or "cancel" (I can't remember which was the negative response on that dialog), and the modal went away, but so did my incomplete comment.


I see. We will re-check and try to include fix into the next release.

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