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Removal of uploaded material of completed reviews

Removal of uploaded material of completed reviews

In a regulated environment the compliance with development processes need to be proved. An organization needs to be able to access all artifacts for about 10-15 years depending on the regulation requirements.

Therefore version control systems are used to guarantee the access for all versions of saved elements.

If there is the requirement to perform reviews prior to check-in of content, the review data like comments, status and review material must be available during the whole time. But the review material should already be stored in the version control system so that it's storage in the Collaborator cache is only needed as long as the review is not completed.

Especially Office documents that are converted to images use a lot of space on disk. It would help a lot to have a button like "Remove uploaded material of completed reviews that are completed since xxx date".

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I would like to see the ability to delete a single review as well (especially from the server content-cache).  Sometimes a review is created on sensitive source code and then we want to wipe all trace of the source code from the server.  I had to do this recently by going into the database to get the md5 value for the files to be deleted and then find them in the content-cache to manually delete them.  There should be an easier way for an administrator to do this.  Thanks.

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in 14.x you can achieve an individual review which would be used to record your long term audit support.  Agree that collab is not the repository of record, but it does have the review data so at a minimum a report of the review needs to be captured for posterity.



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