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Does BitBar support Selfie capture use cases?

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Does BitBar support Selfie capture use cases?

I have a use case where i need to capture multiple selfies of the user and at a later step be able to scan some documents / ID cards as required. Can i perform these actions on the cloud farm? 


I would like to perform both manual and Automated testing across an array of mobile devices.


BitBar doesn't block access to the camera in the devices,  so customers can test the camera. Please note that the devices are in racks and the camera won’t give anything interesting. 

* If customers take a dedicated device, Bitbar can put behind the device some A4 paper with a photo if that is an option, (fixed) that the customer can see using the camera.
* Also there is an option for a private cloud, then Bitbar can come up with some fancier solution and maybe support multiple photos or a more flexible solution working together. 
* Also Bitbar is working for a future release on emulating cameras on devices on the public cloud as well.

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