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DB Connection Issues


DB Connection Issues

I'm facing issues in connecting to Oracle DB through Soap UI- Ready Api. It used to work for me earlier, somehow when I changed my machine, my scripts started failing .I tried connecting to DB using below two methods and with each of them I'm facing a different error:

Method 1- Mentioned the right connection String using this format - jdbcSmiley Surprisedracle:thin:<USER>/<PASSWORD>@<HOST:>:<PORT>/<ServiceName>

Error- Can't get the Connection for specified properties; java.sql.SQLException: ORA-28040: No matching authentication protocol.

I have tried all combinations of ojdbc drivers to resolve this. But nothing helped. Curretnly I have placed ojdbc6 


Method 2- Using Groovy script:

[‎23-‎07-‎2019 23:12]  Chatterjee, Sujoy (GE Healthcare): 

import groovy.sql.Sql


def dbUrl      = "jdbcSmiley Tongueostgresql://localhost/test-db"

def dbUser     = "test"

def dbPassword = "test"

def dbDriver   = "org.postgresql.Driver"


def sql = Sql.newInstance(dbUrl, dbUser, dbPassword, dbDriver)


Using this throws an error - java.sql.SQLException:No Suitable driver found for HOST error at line 12



Please help! It has been 3 weeks that I have been struggling with these issues