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How to schedule reports to be emailed

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How to schedule reports to be emailed


We use DejaClick. I have set up 5 transaction scripts that go off hourly. I would like to have reports emailed to me daily for each one of these transactions. Specifically I would like to see a graph of the past 3-4 weeks for each of them emailed to me, 5 total.

Can someone please let me know how to schedule a report to be emailed to me daily. 

Thanks in advance!


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I was shown by SmartBear's support how to create the reports to be emailed to me daily, kind of. You cannot schedule a report to be mailed daily with the data from the past 3 weeks. Here is how to schedule reports to be emailed to you if you are still looking to do this

To set up daily scheduled reports, please log in to the portal and click on 'Reports'.

- Select 'multiple Sites/Devices' and check the 'Scheduled Summary' check box at the 'Multi-Site Reports' selection

- The 'Date Range' you select choses the 'daily, weekly or monthly' cycle. For example if you select 'Yesterday, or Last 2 days or the Last 3 days', it will be a 'daily' scheduled report. But if you select 'Last month', it will be a monthly scheduled report

- Click on 'Create Report' and the 'Report Scheduler' window will pop up

- Select your 'Report Format', 'Email Method', name your new scheduled report, add your email recipients and click on save

You can edit your scheduled reports as well, after they have been created. You cannot edit frequency however. As mentioned prior the frequency is pre-determind based on the date range seleceted for the report when it's originally created. You can, however, update the format, devices and recipients of the report aftar the fact. Scheduled Reports are found in AlertSite 1.0 only currently. Click on Reports - Scheduled Reports to review them.


TIP: From UXM, click the link on the left side of the page to reach the AlertSite 1.0 console

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I am using for the first time. I have created an account on alertsite and have done all the procedures, but I am not able to set up the API monitor on AlertSite the step of Uploading the . of the test suite i created.








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Hi @Algernon,


What exactly didn’t work? If you get any error, please post its text here.

Also, I recommend that you watch the Getting Started in AlertSite UXM video to learn more about the product features:


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