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Requirement on notification related to alert action failure

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Requirement on notification related to alert action failure

We want to get a notification (possibly via email) if a specific alert action (email/json post/...) that are associated with a specific monitor are not getting triggered due to any issues with the email recipient/json web hook endpoint recipient/any others.


This is essentially required because within SmartBear AlertSite, we can get the report on the recipients who have received the notification for a specific monitor. But, there is no means to get the instant notification when a specific monitors fails and if the associated email alert/json post request is not getting initiated/triggered due to some http 4xx/5xx or any other errors that occurred on the recipient end.


In essence, we want to have an email notification triggered from SmartBear AlertSite if any such scenarios occur wherein a monitor fails and the associated alert action is not getting executed.



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