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Monitor test on demand through API

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Monitor test on demand through API

I would like for there to be an API call to test a monitor on demand. As we build out more automation I'd like AlertSite verification to be part of automated verification. 


Script deploys a new version

Script calls alertsite to test on demand

Check the results

Confirm that the  change  did not impact usability


Thanks for the input!  We are actively evaluating this functionality - multiple customers are moving in the direction of automated deployments and API-driven Test On Demand will be a key tool.


Stay tuned!

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Hi Denis,
Any update on this feature request?


The functionality has been developed and we are in final production validation now.  I will contact you directly to give you the information needed to try it out.

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Hi Denis,

this is exactly what I am looking to do. Is there a way I can try it as well?


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Hi @denisgoodwin,

I am looking for this functionality to try and integrate with our Bot. Do you know the timeline for the release?

Or is there way i can try that before release?






This functionality can be tried now.  Formal announcement will come later this month.


Please reach out to your customer success manager or account rep for more info.






Documentation for the Test On Demand API:

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Status changed to: Implemented
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