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Make Dejaclick support Angular

Make Dejaclick support Angular

Currently when you try and record an Angular Web page in Dejaclick it is hit or miss.  Dejaclick does not interact with the Angualr Element, it just clicks and sends keys.  If you want to see the issues in action go to and record a flight search.  Then play it back.  Does not work well.  Selenium is better suited for manuvering through Angular Journeys. 

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I have to walk this back.  It works fine with Angular provided you don't have the global setting set to "Replay using Keystrokes"  which if you comming from Selenium you might of thought you needed to do to get it to work with Angular.  Unticking this and and re-recording everything works a treat.  Only issue I have now is something they are planning for a future release.  An Alpha only random string that can be sent for fields like last name.  Unfortunatley with Angular can't fake it with jscript anymore. 

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