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Display monitor note in dashboard when in list view

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Display monitor note in dashboard when in list view

Have a request to be able to display the monitor note as an extra column rather than having to hover the mouse over the icon on the right of the view.


Have it display just the first line if a multi line note and also put a warning that any more than X characters will be lost in the formatting.

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Good timing on this request.  We will be adding new customization options for the list dashboard soon.  These options will include:


  • User Selectable Columns
  • Column Reordering
  • Column Resizing

To see an example of this, you can try this out on the monitor configuration summary screen (Monitors>Overview>Config).  

From an available column perspective, we will be adding the Monitor Note and Alert Note fields to the list of available columns.

Also of note, we will also be adding Custom Property columns to the available column list.  These property fields might be more flexible than the single monitor note field.  Please reach out to discuss this further.