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Create/Edit/Destroy Blackout Periods via API

Create/Edit/Destroy Blackout Periods via API

It would be really useful if you could extend your API to include control of Blackouts. The use case I am thinking of is to include a Blackout period in a build script so that when a build is being deployed by automated build system like Jenkins, we could include a call to the API to create/enable a blackout period, and then when the build is complete destroy or disable the blackout.


Other monitoring systems already have this capability, I was surprised to learn that Alertsite did not.



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Hello fhare,


I think I understand what you are looking to do, and we do have customers that use the API in a similar fashion. You can include calls to disable and then enable your monitors directly, instead of creating a blackout and then removing the same. You can find more about the capabilities of our API (both XML and JSON versions) at