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Copy URL from run history

Copy URL from run history

In the new UI when reviewing a run there is no way to copy the URL that is part of the waterfall. this can only be done manually by standing on the URL and then copying is letter for letter. These URLs are many times very long.  

This actually used to work and for some reason was stopped where you could click on the link and it would open the URL in a new browser window but again this has stopped working for some reason.


Senior Member

The ability to copy the URL would be very useful. Opening Developer tools to copy it is a very painful workaround.

Thanks for input, agree this would would be useful and we'll look to add this functionality as soon as possible.


In case you didn't know this.  The url can be copied from the waterfall displayed when you drill into a specific run>step>event.  It is only in the full waterfall view that the copy function is inactive.