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Is it possible to profile service fabric applications?

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Is it possible to profile service fabric applications?

I attempted to profile a service fabric application running on a local cluster.  To do so, I started the service fabric application in my IDE (Visual Studio 2017) then detached the debugger, thus allowing me to attach to the process with AQtime.  However, when I tried to "Get results now", I got nothing -- no information whatsoever.  I added the path to the PDB files into the Project Search Directories dialog and tried again.  Still nothing.


Surely it must be possible to profile service fabric applications, but is there some unusual trick to it?




Dennis Jones

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Response from SmartBear:

Note that there is a known limitation of the Attach To Process feature of AQtime:
If you attach to a .NET or Java application, AQtime will not analyze managed code in this application; only unmanaged code will be profiled. For example, by attaching a profiler to a managed application, you can profile native-code DLLs used by that application.

That is, if your application contains mixed code (or it is a pure .NET application), then you will be able to profile only its unmanaged part. To overcome the limitation, run the application directly from AQtime. If you need to configure any specific environment settings to start the application under AQtime, use the Run Parameters dialog (Run | Parameters...).

This does seem to explain why I got no results.

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Unfortunately, that is NOT the solution.  It is only an explanation for why it does not work.


It is not possible to run Service Fabric applications from AQtime.  Service Fabric applications must be executed by the service fabric, but once they are running, there is a process that can be attached to.


Are there plans in the works to enhance AQtime to support profiling .NET applications via attaching to the process?



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Hi Dennis,


I think that you should address this to Support again to get more prompt reply -

Additionally you may create a feature request here ( and reference this thread for additional consideration.


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