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Application runs, but AQTime doesn't show results

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Application runs, but AQTime doesn't show results


I'm using AQTime Pro 7 to do coverage profiling of our good old MFC application. I only need the coverage information for testing purpose to find out what is covered by what test case.

The software consists of several components (most in C++, but some in C# under .NET 4.0).

Test coverage analysis is run from AQTime under Windows 7/64 Bit. The application itself is 32Bit for the native code.

Everything looks fine. The application starts up, I can work with it and quit the application. The event view in AQTime Pro shows loading/unloading of modules, some exceptions, some debug strings, etc.

But after quiting the application no results are gathered by AQTime and I don't find out why. I tried with different applications. There are some, where I get results. In the event view there is the only difference of a line

(-) User breakpoint is at address 0x77D7E695 (module C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntdll.dll)

I have attached the whole event log.

Can you help me?

Best regards,


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Hi Michael,


Please go though the AQtime Troubleshooter - it contains a special branch for a situation similar to yours. To get into it, select the following answers one by one:

1. I am profiling a Windows application / Service / DLL

2. The profiling results are not generated


Tanya Yatskovskaya
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I am using AQ Time to generate a light code coverage report for the modules I have added. I'm profiling dlls and I have added the host application to load these dlls.

When I start my aqt project, it starts the application nd profiling happens. But when the profiling ends or when the application is closed, results are not getting generated. 

If I manually click the "Get Results" button then the results are populated in the report panel.

But my understanding is when profiling, results are generated when the host application exits. Please help.

Thanks in advance!!!

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For those who will find this question by Abe:

-- the problem was solved and description is here:

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