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Project Management

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Project Management

One of the major reason why we haven't moved to soapUI as an organization is because there is not way to track requirement and issues / bugs. Are there any tools that you are aware of the that would integrate nicely with soapUI for requirements and bug tracking. Are there any plans from Eviware to make something along those line.

Integrating with JIRA would be pretty nice feature to have in soapUI

Re: Project Management

Yes, we know...

It is a brilliant idea. We like Jira and would like to have a publlic Jira in the future so you can see our development progress.

I have been think about this issue all day, but don't have any brilliant solutions yet. The challenge is how tight and the scope of the integration. The base idea would be some kind of connection between an test case and a Jira issue, but how (where should the issue ID be seen) and what more would be needed...

The ideal would be an initial implementation that would cover the base needs.

Let us think about it and study how the Jira Web Service API works.

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