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3 years ago
New Idea

Validating text by using "Properties Checkpoint" should not depend on Auto-wait timeout

When validating forms fields labels, and help text (properties ContentText values), the "Properties Checkpoint" is ideal. However, it waits for the Auto-wait timeout when it fails validation. In a large project, for example only 10 errors exist and each have to wait for the global default of 10 seconds, it would be 100 second additional run time where in automation time is of an essence.


Ideally the "Properties Checkpoint" should be performed in tow steps:

1. access the object including wait for the time out

2. compare the property value do not wait for the time out


Current options:

1. Change the global default time out of 10 seconds to a very low number, and that is not a good idea and still does not go as fast as should be

2. Override individual "Properties Checkpoint" to set a very low value, is difficult to maintain with constant edits, and still does not go as fast as should be

3. Use the "If Object" or "If Then" with "Log Message" it becomes 4 statements rather than the single "Properties Checkpoint", and still the time out applies

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