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Username & Password Encryption within the recorded or defined tests

Currently the application I am automating for testings does not allow for custom accounts and does not grant users alternative ways to log into the application. The only way for me to get logged in is by using my NTDomain credentials. However, those are not credentials I want every user of TFS having access to. So would like to find away to encrypt my credentials so that users can not see my current username and password within TFS. 



As a User I would like to be able to record tests and not have my domain credentials on displays to all users of TestComplete. Would like to see my credentials encrypted if at all possible. 


I know this application's(Desktop App) behavior is not normal and is not best practices. However, I am sure there must be some other scenarios out there were credentials are being recorded during a test and on display for people to see. Which the tester would like concealed if possible. 





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    While there is not a way to encrypt the user name easily, in your project, you can create a persistent variable of the "Password" type, enter your password in the default data field and it is stored then in your project encrypted.  You can then access that variable within any test or test case and TestComplete will automatically decrypt it in any "Keys" method call where it is used.  This will also prevent it from being displayed in the test log.