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Update Namemapping during test run


Consider this scenario: 

We work Agile, and using continues integration / deployment to constantly update our applications.

I use TestComplete for test automation, and have recorded a collection of scripts.

Yesterday, The dev team made changes on the application (renamed controls, deleted controls/ put in in different order etc). 

Then, I played back the original test script, from my collection.


The primary focus of the expectations we have is that the test automation tool handles the application changes intelligently autonomously, and by itself, or on command, therefore limiting debugging/script editing as much as possible.


First, I have enabled the option to update Name mapping during TestRun:



During running the testscript recorded at the initial version of the application, I get the following message (according to what is expected):


Lets say, in this case, that the dev has deleted the control "TextBoxbedrag". It's logical of course, that TC cannot find the object when the test is run.


However, in this message the option to delete the object (in this case “TextBoxBedrag”), is missing (see my remark), therefore TestComplete is (as we see it currently), not able to handle missing objects in updated application versions, during test runs, in the way we think is most efficiently for us.

Resolution: By adding the option to Delete the object (and continue the test run after that), this would lead to more efficient handling of application changes.


I would like to hear others feedback on this feature request.



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    Extra feature on this request:

    when the object is deleted (using new feature option "Delete), this should be reflected in the code as well (should be disabled/deleted)