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8 years ago
New Idea

Save and load Data Generator configuration

I have some improvements to mention, regarding TestComplete's Data Generation Wizard:


Second improvement:


To generate the same data again (for other frameworks), I have to define the characteristics again. It would be very handy if TC lets you save the 'test data generation framework', so you can save the template (and re-open it when necessary). That would save a lot of time redefining the test data columns (characteristics). Similar functionality is already implemented on generation of column data (you can create/save as a user defined), but this enhancement would be to save the complete collection.


addition: it would also be VERY helpful if Saving (in this context) would allow some sort of Export, so that the complete setup of all testdata, so that my colleague can benefit from my work (setting up test data), when they need to create testdata for their own tests. What I am pointing to is next to Save/Open to disk, also Import/Export functionality should ideally be supported.   


See below:


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    What's the difference between Save and Export, and Open and Import?

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    HKosova Could be the same, could be different, depending on how it's implemented.. If Saving would be implemented that only specific TestComplete instance would be able to open it (no Save As popup window), then I would opt for a Export/Import button as well. If Saving would be implemented that user can define where it's being saved (Save As popup window), then that would functionality wise, be the same as Export. 


    What I'd like to emphazise in this context is that saved Data Generation Parameters can be used in other TestComplete instances (test collegaues), so you don't have to do all the work again on another machine.


    Hope it's more clear now what I mean. 


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    HKosova It would be great if saving/loading could also be implemented on the User Defined list section (so these lists can be transferred between one TC instance to another). Example scenario: one tester creates the test data templates on his/her machine, and transfers these templates to other testers / colleagues so they can generate the physical testdata based on these templates.


    See illustration: