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7 years ago
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Number of Checkpoint required in Log Summary and log Object

I have noticed that sometime test complete script fails to execute complete scripts and log the results with Zero Warnings and Errors reason could be any but result is incomplete execution of script. When we generate and send email through log object we only gets number of Errors and Warnings which are misleading results or numbers. When we go to the details we find that scripts execution is incomplete.


I request you to add number of checkpoints validated by scripts in Log summary (I have highlighted the place to show in attached snapshot). Even if number of Errors and Warnings would be Zero and if we don't get the desired number of checkpoints which could also be zero, we can easily identify that scripts fail to complete their execution.



Checkpoint Count


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    It sounds to me like a problem in the architecture of your test projects.  If the code is executing and not actually "hitting" the CheckPoints, that means something prevented the checkpoint execution which, in my mind, is actually an error.  I would go back through your test case and actually add conditional logical statements, try/catch/finally, etc, so that, if something should go "wrong" where the checkpoint is not executed, you'd get an error in your log.

  • My attached image is just a sample, I only wants number of successful Checkpoints evaluated by test complete. when test execution completed with 0 errors and 0 warning. I wants to know number of successful checkpoints as well.

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    Honestly, doesn't matter... if you're properly logging errors and/or warnings when something doesn't work properly, the number of checkpoints passed should equal "all" if there are no errors or warnings.  But the fact that you state that there is a possibility of a script failing but not logging an error means that your script is failing with no evidence of the failure.  Again, I would rearchitect to make sure you log errors or warnings when the script does not run properly.  If it's done properly, those errors and warnings should be sufficient to tell you what you need to know.