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3 months ago
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Merge KeywordTests and NameMapping

we have been working with TestComplete for over 6 years now and it looks like we will be expanding rather than reducing test automation with TestComplete.
We have different teams for different software products.
There are often 2 people working on the same test automation project within a team.
As we have integrated the TestComplete projects in the TFS source code management, it is no problem to check files in and out. What does cause us difficulties, however, is working on a file at the same time. This is about keyword tests but more about name mapping.
Due to the XML structure and the GUIDs it contains, it is not possible to merge files after separate editing. However, this function would be very good and would significantly increase the effectiveness of everyday work with TestComplete.
Now our request:
Can you create a way to set up the project structure in such a way that merging is possible? Or can a tool be created within TestComplete that can handle the merging?
There is the "Merge with" function for name mapping, but that is not what I mean and does not work in that sense.
What would really make sense would be a project structure that allows files to be merged with a normal text editor or merge tool if they have been edited by 2 or more users at the same time.
Can you implement something like this for TestComplete in the future?

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