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8 months ago
New Idea

Integrate TestExecute into TestComplete so user can run test cases on remote PC with TestExecute.

I would like to see TestExecute integrated into TestComplete so that a user can control the TestExecute instance to run nominated test cases directly from the TestComplete Project.

It would be nice to be able to nominate where test cases will be run i.e. whether to run on the current machine under TestComplete or run on a nominated PC (on the network) using the TestExecute application and license attached to the remote PC.

Ideally the user would be able to nominate at an individual test case level where to execute the test with the TestComplete PC being the default option. However, even the ability to nominate entire projects to be tested under TestExecute on a remote PC from the Project Suite Test Items list would be beneficial. The expectation being that the results are captured under a consolidated Project Suite log file for analysis.


This is fairly high level but happy to discuss further.


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    Thanks Marsha_R for replying. Upon review, I have nominated the wrong tag when selecting "Distributed Testing". I am actually chasing a more integrated approach to parallel testing using TestComplete to drive an instance of TestExecute on a Remote PC. Currently I need to access two PC's to kick of test case execution when I would like to mange both PC's via TestComplete.

  • This would solve the problem of having to wait for the testrun to complete and would increase productivity.

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    Smartbear product QAComplete supports running TC execution plans on a virtual machine/physical machine, they also have their Zephyr product (but we do not have that).




    I agree it would be a nice feature to have in TC as I would love to still have access to my dev PC when running a test in TC.