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8 years ago
New Idea

Create ‘IntelliSense’ for custom objects in JS and other languages.

By saying ‘Intelity Sense’ I mean highlighting properties and methods. Now we have it for embedded objects



and doesn’t have for custom objects in JS.


Our team decided to refuse from ODT, because ODT project item will be deprecated since TestComplete 10.60 ( On the one hand we don’t need to create ODT tree and it saved our time, on the other hand we don’t have IntelliSense’ and it takes some time to find existed properties and methods for our objects, so we would be happy to have ‘IntelliSense’ for custom objects!!!


If someone has the same thoughts, please vote.

Thanks Denis.


  • Just FYI it's called 'IntelliSense'. Though technically that term is brand specific to Microsoft/Visual Studio. I imagine the generic term would just be Code Completion.