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7 years ago
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Compiled version of both Runtime and Test Suite

Overview: Would like to have both the TextExecute Runtime and Test Suite compiled into a single executable.


Use Case: We would like to have the ability to run the Test Suite without having to perform an installation of the software.  This would allow for greater mobility, requires less setup and less software to be deployed.  In our case it would extend the range of machines we can test against as we have some areas that would not like to have additional software installed.


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    There are various engines, processes, objects, etc., that are part of the TestExecute/TestComplete test runner.  To compile that into a "single executable" would basically be, pretty much, a full installation of TestExecute with all the DLL's, libraries, object files, bin objects, etc., that would need to be installed.  I really don't think this is something that's every going to happen. The only tool that I know that allows you to compile anything akin to an "executable" of a test automation is Selenium... but that's only because Selenium is just a library of code and such that you import into your Java or .Net development environment and compile a solution.

  • tristaanogre - Look at a product called, "Ranorex".  Basically a TestComplete competitor.  They are doing the exact thing that jyabroff is describing.


    While I understand that the way TestComplete/TestExecute is architected may prevent this, it is not out of the realm of possibility.

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    Ranorex is not a tool... it is a framework packaged within an IDE.  Basically, someone could do the same thing using VisualStudio or NetBeans with Selenium.  If you look at the screenshots for Ranorex, that's what it is... an IDE solution that writes C# using a packages that construct a framework.  As you mention, DavidE, it's not out of the realm of possibility... but it's not something that I see happening anytime soon with TestComplete/TestExecute because it's a completely different architecture.

    If you ARE interested in a SmartBear solution that does something like that... look at TestLeft.